Table Manners

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Entertainment Weekly

Recommended - 3 Stars -
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Bronze Medal -
"How-To Videos"
International Film & TV Festival of NY

"Kids should find Landy
at least as funny as Big Bird"
Washington Post

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Table Manners for
Everyday Use

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Presently we only sell this program in VHS videotape format, however we include a free DVD copy of the video, but there are no chapter selection menus like a usual DVD has.) In the future, we expect to release this as a DVD and an iOS app in the coming months. If you are interested, please join our mailing list.



Kids love this tape
and ask to see it again and again!

Adults show it at parties,
and thank us

Women buy it to show their children, husbands or boyfriends


Because Table Manners is very funny, people are not insulted by it. On the contrary, instead of criticizing someone's table manners, all a person has to do is say "Let's watch this funny new videotape." This approach has proven successful with both children (ages 4 & up) & adults.


Some comments from viewers:


My class of 13 girls just finished viewing your video and everyone agreed it was the most entertaining etiquette video they've seen! My husband even enjoyed it! Thank you for your help and for your patience. I wish you the best...


I have used "Table Manners" in my eighth grade home economics classes. The boys and girls truly enjoyed it. We have even coined the phrase, "Don't be an Elliott" when someone exhibits poor table manners. Its a very easy and fun way to teach table manners. Something of this nature has been needed for a long time.

Mrs. Joan Ellenberg, Louis M Klein Middle School Harrison, NY

I just received your "Table Manners" video and watched it. It's wonderful; Not only did I learn a lot, but I laughed out loud while I learned. My children (ages 8 and 11) grabbed it and also watched it. Then then insisted on setting the table for a formal dinner and proceeded to tell their father and me how to do things "properly". Obviously the tape works for all ages. Part of what makes the tape so successful is the juxtaposition of two characters in terms of making your points. Humor is clearly the effective and non-threatening way to get the points across.

Christine B Sullivan, President Hawthorne Associates Belmont, MA

I sent "Table Manners For Everyday Use" down to my sister in Florida so she could show it to her five year old daughter, and her six year old son. When I went down to visit them over Thanksgiving, she told me that the kids watched it ablest four times a week. At dinner, my niece frowned at me, when I ate the soup the "wrong" way, telling me, "Uncle Mike, you're supposed to tilt the bowl away from you, not towards you." It was a BIG hit in their home.

M. Tessiero, Fort Johnson, NY

"We got this note along with an order for a second copy of "Table Manners" because the original had been used so much." By the way, I love this video. I show it to my 8th graders, it keeps their attention even though they may not always agree with what they see in it, but that is what school is all about. Thank you.

Linda Oestman,Commerce Twp., MI

We watched the video last night with our 10 and 12-year old. We were all laughing hysterically! My 10-year old said he thought it was going to be boring, but when he watched it, he thought it was great!

We all learned valuable manners tips and plan to watch the video over and over. Thank you so much!



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