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  • A very funny videotape which seriously teaches adults and children about table manners for use in everyday situations.
  • Can be used by parents and schools to teach table manners to young children and teenagers.
  • Helps men and women improve their appearance for business and social reasons - especially for men who want to make themselves more attractive to women.
  • A corporate must for executives.

  • Covers the basics of eating properly at the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner - in restaurants, fast food places, and at home.

  • Shows most common foods, such as pizza, hamburgers, steaks, salads, soup, vegetables, etc., and how to eat them properly (and improperly).

Diana Oestreich
: Producer, Writer, and on-screen personality.

Elliott Landy
: Director, Producer, and on-screen personality grew up in the Bronx where table manners were definately not a way of life, and whose table manners were the inspiration for making this tape. After eating with him severeal times, Ms. Oestreich said, "This has got to stop." In addition to being a talented non-mannered eater, Mr. Landy is a well known photographer.

Ira Wohl
: Editor
Jim Ferretti
: Composed and performed the original music and lyrics.

  • The hostess eats the proper way, while the guest does it wrong - very wrong - showing people what they might look like unless they pay attention to this tape.

  • Uses short funny segments from old films.

  • Hysterically funny, it is for anyone who wants a good laugh!


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